Kunekune Pigs added to the Family

Today we became the proud keepers of 2 Kunekune pigs. Kunekune pigs are a small breed of pig that thrive on a diet of grass, vegetable and fruit. This makes them a great addition to our system.

The pigs have a number of roles to play at Yorkley Court. Firstly, they will munch through our food waste and provide us with a rich source of fresh and high nutrient manure to help build the top soil on the field. Secondly, they will help us turn over the ground. We plan to use the technique of ‘cell grazing’, in which the pigs are kept in smaller enclosures and moved regularly. This allows the pigs to turn over the ground effectively for us, upon which we will plant and create ‘no-dig beds’. The shorter time spent on each section of the land means less damage to the existing soil structure, microbial life, earthworms and ground dwelling creatures. This allows the earth to recover quickly with the added bonus of lots of high nitrogen and high nutrient pig excrement.

Come down to Yorkley Court to meet our lovely pigs (and our piglets in a week’s time). They (like us) are excited to meet you.


2 thoughts on “Kunekune Pigs added to the Family

  1. hi , my name is gavin and i am a blacksmith would love to come and take a look at what you are doing there and i could bring along some tools and get you forging iron if you like i , i design and make horse drawn equipment / charcoal kilns/ woodburners and decorative ironwork etc etc . my email is gavinfraser1963@hotmail.co.uk . be nice to hear from you

  2. How adorable. We’ve got pet kunekunes and we love them. Recently we pig-sat our friends’ beloved pig. Their pig, named Giggles, is a bit of a princess, and she lives inside the house. She had to slum it outside with our peasant pigs.

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