Forest of Dean Food Sovereignty Co-op

– Public Meeting Announced –

16th October 2012 at Miners Welfare Hall, Cinderford

Do you want to be free from the dependency on supermarkets?

Do you want to be able to buy good locally produced organic food at a good price?

Do you want to be part of a growing movement for social change that understands local challenges from a global perspective?

Then come to the Forest of Dean Food Sovereignty Co-op meeting on 16th October 2012 at the Miners Welfare Hall in Cinderford.

The Forest of Dean Food Sovereignty Co-op will work together to find ways to collectively buy organic food directly from the producers as well as exploring the 7 Food Sovereignty principles and their relevance to the Forest of Dean and the UK.

Inspired by the principles of food sovereignty we will help each other to promote greater social responsibility and a healthy nutritional diet that is based on locally produced seasonal food.

You are what you eat. Be wholesome. Be healthy.

See Food Sovereignty for more information


2 thoughts on “Forest of Dean Food Sovereignty Co-op

  1. From a distance I can only offer remote congratulations, and every hope for success and growth in your efforts. I lived in the Forest for several months in 1940, as an evacuee from London, and have happy memories of what was, for me, a formative experience. I shall follow your progress with interest.

    • Hi Leonard. This reminds me of the lovely book ‘The worm forgives the plough’. Have you read it? It is about an academic evacuee from London who chooses to go and work on farms instead of the army during the 2nd World War. I can recommend it if you haven’t. Sara, Yorkley Court

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