Learn how to Build Your Own Solar Panels

We are running a one day workshop to teach the community of the Forest of Dean how to build our own solar PV panels at home, out of scrap and recycled materials.

ImageThe workshop will include:

  • An introduction to electricity theory. Learning in a practical environment is much more fun than physics class.
  • Hands on solar panel making and wiring.
  • Explanation of how to source the materials for free or low cost.
  • Exploration into how to incorporate the panels to charge your phones and laptops, power a home theatre or your lighting. This is a separate system to your home mains, and can be taken off-grid to any location.
  • Lunch will be included! Feel free to bring something to share with the group as well.

Where: Yorkely Court Community Farm
When: Sunday October 14th 12pm – 6pm
Cost: £30 suggested donation to cover the cost of materials, though no one will be refused for lack or excess of funds. If you can afford a little more it will help us to cover the costs of those who can’t.
Bookings: Contact yorkleycourt@gmail.com or phone 07588258503 if you have any queries or to book.

Note: In the workshop we will be working with various tools and materials. Young people under 18 are welcome with a parent or carer. All skill levels and experience welcome. This course is aimed at beginners.

Why are we running this workshop?

One of the goals of the Yorkley Court Community Farm collective is education; sharing skills and knowledge with the community of the Forest of Dean to help create a sustainable and resilient future.

Solar Panels are a hot topic at the moment, with government feed-in tariffs driving the market forward at a high pace. However, the high initial cost of installation means that they are only accessible to those with a spare £10,000 in their pockets. Renewable, resilient energy should be equally accessible to everyone.

On top of this, the current PV (photo-voltaic) industry is highly wasteful. The cells themselves are extremely fragile and break often in production. These cells are highly energy intensive to create, and contain a large amount of rare and precious material. Usually broken cells end up in landfill, reducing the overall environmental benefit of solar panels. By making use of this waste product we are improving the entire solar panel industry.

This course aims to create resilience by providing safe, accessible electricity to power the things we need. It empowers us with the knowledge to build and repair this system ourselves. IMPORTANT: This course deals with 12V DC. Mains electricity is 240V AC and is DANGEROUS. THIS COURSE IS NOT INTENDED TO TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT MAINS POWER.


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