Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

Yorkley Court Community Farm are offering a 2 day workshop to introduce the community of the Forest of Dean and beyond to the art of Rocket Mass Heating.

Rocket Stoves and Rocket Mass Heaters are popular within permaculture and off grid circles due to their super efficiency, producing the maximum amount of heat from the smallest amount of material burnt.
Many of us permaculturalists have experience in building a simple tin can rocket stove, but this workshop will take rocket stoves to the next level.

In this workshop we will explore:
– The dimensions and proportions to consider in designing your own optimal rocket mass heater.
– How to get the most heat out of your system before the heat escapes out of the flu and into the outside world.
– The range of options for using a rocket mass heater, from cooking to
space heating and water heating.

The workshop will be hands-on as we build a rocket mass heater that will cook, heat water and heat space in our new kitchen. We will build the rocket mass heater out of natural and recycled materials. We will get hand-on experience in:
– Making and working with cob.
– Making and working with natural mortor.
– Making and working with earth render.
– Working with a range of recycled materials.
– What to look for when tatting scrap materials.

Throughout the workshop we will explore the range of materials that can be used, suiting every possible budget.

When: 25-26 October (all food and accommodation is included)
Where: Yorkley Court Community Farm
Cost: £40 suggested donation though no one will be excluded for lack or excess of funds. The donation is to cover the cost of materials and food. We are more interested in your participation than the donation, and are happy to accept trades and exchanges in place of cash donations.
Bookings: Contact or 07588258503


One thought on “Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

  1. Having attended the workshop I can honestly say that all the hands on experience fulfilled expectations and beyond. Well worthwhile, great value for money and worth coming from north Herefordshire to attend. Next project is to build Spring Greens Rocket Stove mark III – nice and local.

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