Solstice Biochar Workshop with Ed Revill

Come and volunteer between Fri 21st and Sun 23rd December 

Weather permitting, help prepare next years vegetable raised beds, replace a shed wall with cordwood and cob and build a biochar producing cob oven.

Shared accomodation in straw bale guest house.

If too wet to work, there are great beaches and walks round here.

Bring sleeping bags, surfboards if you can and bring wellie boots.

I will feed you with CO2 negative vegetarian food grown here, food contributions welcome.

I will demonstrate ovens and heaters which produce biochar and persuade you that biofuel watch are wrong on this one; cooking and heating with biochar stoves will be part of the shift to food and energy sovereignty.

I will need to know in advance, numbers limited.

Ed, 07765510030

Friday 21st; Welcome, I will show you around, show you a few jobs that need doing (such as preparing raised beds), cook an evening meal and light a fire (weather permitting) and people can get to know each other.

Sat 22nd Morning; I will conduct a workshop/demo showing various types of biochar producing stoves, ovens and water heaters.

I will then show different ways of using biochar (including making biochar-mineral complexes) and of providing optimum conditions for arbuscular mycorrhial fungae in order to bring soil alive by stabilising carbon in soil. Food and energy whilst reversing the causes of climate change.

Saturday 22nd Afternoon; Biochar-producuing Earth Oven building.

Sunday 23rd and beyond; People are welcome to drift in and out or to stay on and help me on  my mission to replace the industrial agricultural system with something better.

Directions from Swansea:

It is a short walk from the train to the bus station.

Catch a No.14 bus to the village of Murton,

Walk quarter of a mile to Manselfield (single lane road in places) and we are in the field on the right, by a little triangle of land with an old landrover parked on it. Wooden gate and blue horse lorry in field. Muddy!

Shut the gate, horses in field.

If you have a lot to carry or if the weather is bad give me a ring and I will pick you up.

For more information on soil carbon capture and regenerative farming visit:


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