Introduction to Permaculture

2 day workshop at Yorkley Court Community Farm

When: March 9th – 10th
Where: Yorkley Court Community Farm
Cost: Suggested donation £10 though noone refused for lack or excess of funds.
Food and optional camping included.
Bookings: 07588258503 or

Looking for ways to live more sustainably but are unsure of how to take action? Feeling helpless when confronted with eco-choices?

Discovering permaculture gives a broader perspective on the fast paced world in which there’s never enough time or money. Permaculture offers positive practical solutions that replicate natural systems, guiding us to tread lightly on the Earth.

“A design for life not just your potato patch”

Inspiring, informative and interactive. In this 2 day workshop we will:
– Discover the principles of permaculture
– Get hands on and practical
– Put ideas into practice and design a permaculture system.
– Link in with local permaculture groups

No prior knowledge or experience necessary.
Taught by Tomas Remeiraz and Al Jack.


One thought on “Introduction to Permaculture

  1. Hi

    I would really love to do the workshop but it is my son-in-law’s birthday celebration in Nottingham that weekend.  Is the date set in stone?  Or are you planning another in the near future?


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