Fukushima 2nd anniversary ACTION at Gloucester

Fukushima 2nd anniversary ACTION at Gloucester

Please join us in voicing your opposition to the massive new nuclear build at Oldbury by assembling with us at noon in Gloucester on March 11th 2013, on the second anniversary of the terrible events which unfolded at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011.

Hitachi-Horizon’s UK office is based in Gloucester at Valiant Court, and for our first action we will assemble there to present a letter of objection on behalf of ‘STAND Against Oldbury’ supporters to Hitachi-Horizon against the proposed development of new nuclear power on the Severn.

Bring banners, placards and be prepared to make some noise and be seen. We need a good turn-out, and have timed our assembly at noon so supporters who work might be able to make it for lunch and then return to work. We will be inviting the local press.

Some of us are dressing up in hooded white DIY overalls (available for less than £4 or so from most DIY stores) which look like nuclear lab overalls and safety goggles, but also with water wings and rubber rings to highlight the flooding concern in particular, and to show just how ridiculous their plans are. But you don’t have to come and look silly to take part, numbers are the important thing.

Coach tickets are available (see poster) but feel free to make your own way. Here’s Horizon’s own map on where to find them. If you can’t make it, please write to them to let them know you oppose new nuclear power, along with your reasons. Write to them at 5210 Valiant Court, Gloucester Business Park, Delta Way, Gloucester, GL3 4FE.


You can download this poster (fukushima_actionmarch); so please print it and display in your window sat home and in your car etc.

Please note this STAND Against Oldbury action will be non-violent. Anyone acting otherwise, or causing damage will be acting of their own will and without the support of STAND Against Oldbury.


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