Building Man, Build the Change: May 2nd – 27th May, Bodenham Manor


This is Building Man, an idea whose time has come. Welcome to our people powered (r)evolution in a field.

Building Man is a network of people and projects growing together organically through the co-creation of a shared vision; to collectively build the change we want to see in the world. Our mission – if we choose to accept it – is the radical re-imagination of small festival culture and beyond.

This paradigm shifting project is ready and willing to invest time, energy and resources in the transformation of emerging eco communities and derelict urban spaces into thriving arts hubs.

We hope to copy, transform and combine existing models as we openly experiment with new ways of living which empower local resilience and raise our awareness of abundance.

Building Man will help to establish cultures of permanence; a diversity of dynamic equilibriums, continually changing, adapting and evolving together in an unfolding of complexly patterned and interdependence.

Building Man is pioneering a gift-led economic model.  It is not a festival you passively consume but one you actively contribute too and participate in. We recognise that small is beautiful and believe in radical localisation and inclusion through co-ownership and collective organisation, re-hanging the doors of perception to celebrate our boundless creativity.

By re-mixing our culture, we’re ready to create new patterns of thought and behaviour capable of integration and transcendence in a world out of balance.

It’s 2013 and we’ve had the cosmic shift.

Welcome to our collective dream.

– The Gathering –

Come to Building Man’s first ever gathering on Bodenham Manor in Herefordshire.

Seed Camp | Bodenham Manor, Herefordshire

Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th May 2013 | Volunteer registration open NOW

This is our official Building Man launch weekend on Bodenham Manor.

We’re inviting our whole network to join us an extended weekend of boundless co-creation.

Building Man is a brand new concept and will unfold experimentally as we design, build and test new models capable of making old ones obsolete. Most importantly of all, this process is radically open to encourage participation on every level of engagement.

Help us build culture and community over three days of talks and workshops, visioning exercised and permanent site building, as we implement our designs and establish an infrastructure capable of sustaining our volunteers over the three week build.

Whether you’re a person or project, expert or volunteer, resource or land owner, we’re welcoming everyone interested to help us make this collective dream our shared reality.

For more info visit:


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