Visioning future Peasant Agrarian Cultures

St. Ulrich Workshop on Democratising Agricultural Research for Food Sovereignty and Peasant Agrarian Cultures

September 22nd (Afternoon) – 25th, 2013

If you are working or concerned about :

  • Envisioning an alternative model of agricultural and rural development, – a new modernity with vibrant peasant cultures in Europe and throughout the world
  • Democratizing food and agricultural research to ensure that its directions and governance are decided first and foremost by farmers and citizens rather than by corporations
  • Focusing on food sovereignty and models of production based on agroecology, peasant control on local seeds and animal breeds, and local institutions
  • Giving the excluded a voice that counts in food and agricultural policy making, including in agenda setting for research
  • Processes of food sovereignty that allow farmers and other citizens to exercise their right to decide what food and agricultural policies they want

For more information  visit: http//


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