Regenerative Agriculture – Adding a Cover Crop To A No-Till System

Permaculture author and teacher, Patrick Whitefiled, discovers a new film that he finds really encouraging. It shows how permaculture principles, in this case no-till and cover crops, are being taken up by some mainstream farmers. He says, “OK, there’s plenty we might not like about the system illustrated here, such as the size of the farm and the heavy relience on fossil fuels, and some unanswered questions, such as the use of herbicides and pesticides. But the general direction is beginning to change, more towards working WITH nature rather than against. Good stuff!”

For a PDF download of Forgey’s 4-year crop rotation, click here:…

Further Resources

Watch: Crop rotation and green manure with Patrick Whitefield

How farms are using permaculture design to survive and prosper

Watch A Farm for the Future – the full length feature by Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green


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