Thankyou to all our supporters

Big thanks to all the local residents and non-local companions who came to our aid. The positive response has been overwhelming.

Thanks again and come by for a cup of tea, unless you’re any of the people covered by our lawyer’s injunction.


5 thoughts on “Thankyou to all our supporters

  1. Absolutely over the moon you’ve won this battle and given the bullies a bloody nose. Good luck for the future.

  2. I’M so pleased we could be part of your fight for your amazing cause. If you ever need daisy the bus in the future we will be more then happy to help. Big love to you all Becky, Daisy and wonky dog x

  3. I was gutted to hear the terrible ordeal you had to endure with such ridiculous early morning intrusions that monday morning, I was also gutted that I could not get over to be there with you, due to moving out of the house system with a time limit to get out by.
    Well done for holding those gates and keeping Yorkley protected, you have worked so so very hard and its great news to know that there is so much support for this community to stay alive. Hoora! xxxx

  4. Really glad to know you are all ok and have seen off the intruders. Best of luck sorting out the ownership issues and best wishes to all of you for the future.

  5. congrats guys I so glad I met you and was able give support with goodies etc any time can be of assistance give me a shout.sorry I bump your sign today I not used driving bigger car.see you tomorrow with glad u beat the weebles

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