Please support our planning application

­The kindness and support we have received has been incredible and it’s great that more and more people are coming down and getting involved. Thank you.

We would like to ask for help, as we need letters of support to submit with our upcoming planning application. We need these as soon as possible!

Letters from residents of the Forest of Dean give far greater weight to our application, although all letters will be helpful. If you are local, either include your address or state clearly that you live in the Forest. If you have already had involvement with the farm, for example – if you have volunteered here, attended a workshop or bought our produce etc. it would be especially useful to describe this.

After months of preparation, we are finalising our planning application, which we will submit to the Forest of Dean District Council next week.

The application is for a five year period of temporary permission for us to reside in low impact dwellings on part of the land at Yorkley Court. A low impact dwelling is a structure which is made from local natural and reclaimed/recycled resources. The structures will be single story, not have any foundations and must be able to be taken down and removed within a couple of days, therefore having no long term impact on the environment. Examples of such dwellings are yurts, tepees, benders, wood cabins and round houses.

Our planning application is based around our essential need to live on the land, in order to continue to work on the land sustainably, and to develop the community farm project. In the two years that we have been living on the farm we have begun to establish vegetable gardens, managed the woodland, and hosted courses and skillshares. We have been helping with the eco club at Yorkley Primary School and helping with preparatory work to create a new garden at Lydney Youth Cafe. As well as producing lots of food for visitors and ourselves we have begun selling some of our produce locally.

We are working towards making Yorkley Court Farm a productive mixed agricultural holding. The farm has become and we hope it will continue to be an incubator for food and land based enterprises and an educational hub for the local community for sharing skills around food and sustainable living. We will only be able to continue this work if we are able to dwell on the land.

If you would be happy to write a letter of support, please email it to as soon as you can.

Many thanks

The Yorkley Court Farmers


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