Communities before profit

For the last 2½ years we have been living and working at Yorkley Court, with the aim of establishing a sustainable community farm.

Local millionaire Brian ‘Rocko’ Bennett has other ideas, and has filed a claim for possession of the land that will be heard on Thursday 26th February.

Bennett is well known around the Forest for imposing his development projects on communities, ignoring the opinions of local people. Take this area alone – housing developments in Allaston and Yorkley, solar farms at Hurst Farm and now Yorkley Court… Where next?

We believe that the wellbeing of communities is more important than the personal profit of a few, and would like to invite everyone that agrees to join us in making our voices heard.

We are holding a tea party at the farm on Sunday 22nd February from 11am. Join us for a cuppa and a chat.

Phone: 07522025889

If you would like to sign a petition, please visit this page:


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