Community Before Profit

towerbuildingsmallMany questions remain around the ownership of Yorkley Court, and the processes which led to Brian Bennett “buying” the farm. Nonetheless,the judge’s order giving Benett posession of the whole farm will come into effect this Thursday 12th March at noon. This means that he will legally have the right to evict us from that point onwards.

We remain committed to our belief that sustainable farming for the benefit of the local community is more important than greedy developers seeking profit with little regard for local people, and we ask anybody that agrees with us for support.

There is very limited parking at the farm gate now, so unless you really need to park at the gate, please park in the village and walk down – either along the road, or along the second public footpath on Yorkley Wood Road that runs through the farm.

As always, we welcome and appreciate people coming down.

If you would like to join our email list or text-out list, email or text us on 07522 025 889. You can also use this email address and phone number to ask us any questions or tell us anything.

Please spread the word to your neighbours, friends and family too.

The following items would be useful to us and much appreciated:

Tinned food, snacks and any other food
Toilet roll
Building materials
Waterproof boots
Climbing equipment
Poly – prop rope
Camo net
Jerry cans

We are here, we are determined and we will not leave quietly.


6 thoughts on “Community Before Profit

    • Good skill to you. I hope you will not need the luck and can apply people’s will and skill in all the different effective ways (short & long-term things). A rolling attack (not just defend and wait) x
      Stop things dead in their tracks, some of it show you mean ‘business’.

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    • Hi Jil 🙂 imagine someone reading this comment – not much idea how you mean it or why… how can this help or change anything. I can’t see exactly what you mean so I’m just saying… It’s a bit like a hit and run… which is ok too but I can imagine there is more. The word ‘joke’ being used in so many ways… so are there any other words… even if it’s a list maybe send it to my email (above) if it’s a personal discussion… Constructive/positive comments can exist even if it’s not the positive ‘views’ by anyone else from this site… thanks

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