All quiet for now, no sign of bailiffs or bullies..

Eviction could however come at any point, if you would like to join our emergency text – out list, please text 07522 025 889

Lots of people are staying for a while, in case they try to evict soon.. more are always very welcome.

Big thanks to everyone that has been down today! x x x


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. I think it would be good to make clear (like via signs and leaflets) that cost/tax-free land is a birthright of all for sustainable/ethical use, and that’s what you’re standing up for, otherwise the eviction will not be challenged by a higher moral standard than the current state law. This pattern of just occupation followed by unjust eviction will just continue until the crucial truth of being denied one’s individual sovereignty and birthright to a fair share of land & water is the root injustice in the world.

    More on that here:

    • Glad to hear it. Two crucial questions that need to be asked a lot more often:
      1) Why should some humans have to pay other humans just to survive & live on Earth, when Nature & Voluntary Community can provide them with food, clothing and shelter (and good times) for free?
      2) Why is that only States and Royalty can be sovereign, but not you or I?

      • Colin + others on the same page/theme, please leave your email address somewhere… especially on your own wordpress site because I can’t contact you easily enough (which is maybe the point of a web site). i.e. colin and other please send me your emails so we can make more good things happen… if you’re worried about spam on your site you can just include a picture of your email… here is mine, do it!—-> nowisthetime /at\ riseup.net

  2. Have you tried liaising with the local Gypsy site to see how they get the eviction notices? They too live off land that is not theirs. They may be able to offer some advice.

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