You might well be wondering… just what is going on – and has been going on – at Yorkley Court Farm?

If so, this book (in free PDF form), an interim report of this perplexing saga, is what you need to read: SURVIVAL

Please share widely. We need to get this out there.


In short…

This is the story of small tract of land on the edge of the Forest of Dean that came to prominence in 2014 when a group of bailiffs, security men and hired muscle tried to evict a small group of “eco-farmers” who had occupied The Strip, a few derelict hectares of that land, and were converting the wasteland into productive use. It hit the headlines again in 2015 when history was repeated.

The land itself has a rich history going back to prehistoric times. For much of that time it was simply a slice of real estate owned by absentee landlords, but this history embraces a Roman coin hoard, medieval robber-barons who were the ancestors of a famous American dynasty, ironmasters, the days of the stagecoach and coal-mining.

Today the fight is one that exemplifies one of the basic struggles of contemporary life – between on the one hand inept local authority, police prejudice, greedy developers, dodgy solicitors… and on the other those who seek another way forward not based on power and money. It is a fissure that cracks open our model of democracy.



  1. Congratulations to whoever has written this amazing book. I can hardly believe that such a measured account could have been written against the background of all the chaos, confusion, harassment and crooked dealing that has taken place over the last few months. It’s a great achievement, and it deserves to reach the widest possible readership. Obviously the story isn’t over, and let’s hope there is still a chance that right will prevail, but even if it doesn’t, this will stand as a record of all the good things that the Yorkley Court Farmers set out to achieve long after Messrs Bennett, Tolson, Barnard, Bainton and Boyles are forgotten.

    • “Ultimately” we are living on the land that belongs to the descendants of the last known owner and they have given us permission to be there… But if you want to believe that Rocko Bennett owns it then you’re free to believe that and you won’t have to believe that he’s going to cover it with solar panels a couple of years down the line when that’s exactly what you’ll see.
      Anyway, “ultimately” it’s the crown that owns the land. All the land in the UK. Since 1066 when a psychopath invade this country and butchered his way to dominion over England. Many of the descendants of the followers of this psychopath still own vast swathes of the countryside today. If you ask me “ultimately” this is a complete disgrace!

    • Well Anon. You have just demonstrated two things which I hate. Had you researched the facts before circulating your comment you would have found that the Yorkley group found two descendants of the last known owners of the land. These two both support the Yorkley group.
      Bear in mind also that the solicitor(s) who held the property in trust did not seek to find any descendants presumably so that they could illegally sell the land. Unfortunately the barrister employed by the Yorkley group either did not know the law or was corruptly working for the other side. Why else would he allow Bennett to erect a huge fence on the property?
      Then you hide behind Anon. Are you frightened to be known. I have accused people here and they could sue me but I stand under my name john timbrell.

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