Date for eviction

A couple of bailiffs came and issued us with a ‘notice of eviction’ stating that the county court bailiff eviction will take place on Thursday 26th March at 10am.

A few people have drawn our attention to a misleading article in the Forester which gives the impression that we have until September to leave the land. They seem to have confused Bennett’s attempt to claim the land with the Council planning enforcement action against us for building dwellings, which will come into effect in six months.

So, the date we have been given for the eviction by county court bailiffs on behalf of Brian Bennett is


Watch this space for further updates…


4 thoughts on “Date for eviction

  1. A notice is not a warrant .Read criminal law act 1977 sect6.
    They only have right of entry if you give them permission. Stop playing at it

  2. I thought you are meant to be a self sufficient community? If so then why on your fundraising page does it state that it costs you £200 a month to feed the village. No I will not fund you. Get off the land which does not belong to you and get a god damn job or do busking or just do something to pay for your own food.

    • TO Anon. Why don’t you sign your name. I will because I believe the Yorkley community are correct. They just don’t know how o use the law correctly.The law is abusing them. Their barrister owes his primary duty o the court. Not to them who are paying him. He is
      is part of the government control. Get rid of him and research the law yourself or otherwise be mucked. Sorry, my mucking spell checker isn’t working today.

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