Sunday funday!

Join us this Sunday 22nd for a nice day..

*banner making
*pedal powering
*face painting
*tea coffee and cake
*bring and share lunch

from 12 – 4 all in the front field (next to the tower)

come rain or shine..

(sorry for the short notice, such is life here at the moment!)

harvest small


One thought on “Sunday funday!

  1. I live in Wiltshire and saw a news report re: the farms eviction. This makes me very upset and frustrated. The ‘enforcement ‘ people are so blinkered.
    If I had some land I would welcome you to use it and I believe it wouldn’t be long before other ‘thinking’ and less selfish land owners would do the same. In turn this would educate people about the need for local sustainability!
    I wish you well and maybe someone can give you some land and then see how you can make it grow.. I wish you all well.

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