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Over the past couple of weeks, employees of Brian Bennett have been busy cutting down and grubbing up trees and parts of hedgerow in areas of the farm, in bird nesting season.

Over 40 species of bird can be seen on the farm, including endangered species such as hawfinch, song thrush, lapwing and skylark.

Bennett’s workers have been making huge bonfires out of the trees they cut down, both in situ, and moving them to burn in another part of the farm which is known to be an important nesting area.

One of the areas where they have been cutting trees is a diverse and wildlife rich meadow, which has been described by the Dean Meadows Group as
“..not only full of attractive flowers but great habitat for invertebrates and therefore other wildlife that feeds on them. Linked to the scrub and woodland in the rest of the valley this is a valuable and locally unusual area of significant size.”
Parts of it have now been wrecked by the heavy machinery that has been used for pulling up the trees, and by the bonfires.

What do you think Bennett would do to the beautiful piece of woodland we are occupying, if he managed to get his hands on it…?


We are standing our ground. Land can provide for all of our needs, but only if we nurture a respectful relationship with our surroundings. We continue to resist, whilst experimenting with all aspects of low impact living and sustainable food production.. come and see, get involved and help resist!

Community before profit! Trees before greed!



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