Yorkley Court Farm Update 12/3 10:00

Many bad things have happened in the last 2 days but we have managed to maintain a continual presence on the land. People held the big hangar Until late yesterday night. Resistance is on going, please show support if you can.

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1 thought on “Yorkley Court Farm Update 12/3 10:00

  1. Having seen the pictures below and being kept up to speed with developments at Yorkley Court, I felt compelled to write and add my penny’s worth. I have previously served with Warwickshire Police on the SNP team and I am once again ashamed to witness what can only be described as thuggish behaviour and wanton destruction committed by those that are paid to serve the public here. At Yorkley Court and like the Fracking sites, the Police are being used as little more than security contractors in the pay of big business and government interests. It is not enough for ACPO and Chief Constables (aka graduates of Common Purpose) to try to justify their actions by saying they are there to keep the peace….that’s bulcrap and was the exact same excuse that was used in the 1970s 80s re the Stonehenge free festival and the so called Battle of the Bean Field. Like that time and many more since including Yorkley Court, rank and file Police Officers are being used as a battering ram to further the interest of money and corporations, to name but two strings as to an ever growing corrupt bow. I say this to those that still serve and still have the courage and heart to question orders – wake the hell up before its too late….try doing your own research and thinking before you accept as truth everything you read on the Intel board and at briefings – in the most part – you are being lied to.

    To those that are awake and seek nothing more than to be left alone in freedom, the Police Service are little more than a private army or force of occupation.

    I am gutted and saddened for those brave and kind souls form Yorkley Court and I am proud to call you friend, Brother and Sister.

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