Environmental Destruction at Yorkley Court

Throughout thursday, friday night and saturday, workers hired by Brian Bennett have devastated the environment of Yorkley Court Community Farm, and unlawfully destroyed pre-existing buildings which they did not have permission to destroy. These include the ex-military hangar buildings. These actions are against both environmental and planning laws. This is particularly ironic because the Forest of Dean district council planning department agitated for the removal of Yorkley Court Community Farm and its residents on the basis of planning law.

Since thursday, many fires have been started around the site by Brian Bennett’s hired workers and bailiffs. They have burned houses that were still in trees, and scorched the trees themselves. Other trees they have ripped from the ground needlessly.

The ongoing protests at Yorkley Court have been against

– The above described actions.

– The corrupt history of the land, its ownership and sale.

– The environmental problems involved with industrial farming, and the barriers in place that prevent alternatives being found.

– The unbelievable financial and legal difficulty that faces any group of young people that wish to live and grow on the land.

Today at 2pm a group of councillors and local residents walked around the site of Yorkley Court Community Farm to ensure that the footpaths through the site are accessible. Employees of Bennett have been acting in a threatening manner towards people using these paths.


4 thoughts on “Environmental Destruction at Yorkley Court

  1. Having seen the pictures below and being kept up to speed with developments at Yorkley Court, I felt compelled to write and add my penny’s worth. I have previously served with Warwickshire Police on the SNP team and I am once again ashamed to witness what can only be described as thuggish behaviour and wanton destruction committed by those that are paid to serve the public here. At Yorkley Court and like the Fracking sites, the Police are being used as little more than security contractors in the pay of big business and government interests. It is not enough for ACPO and Chief Constables (aka graduates of Common Purpose) to try to justify their actions by saying they are there to keep the peace….that’s bulcrap and was the exact same excuse that was used in the 1970s 80s re the Stonehenge free festival and the so called Battle of the Bean Field. Like that time and many more since including Yorkley Court, rank and file Police Officers are being used as a battering ram to further the interest of money and corporations, to name but two strings as to an ever growing corrupt bow. I say this to those that still serve and still have the courage and heart to question orders – wake the hell up before its too late….try doing your own research and thinking before you accept as truth everything you read on the Intel board and at briefings – in the most part – you are being lied to.

    To those that are awake and seek nothing more than to be left alone in freedom, the Police Service are little more than a private army or force of occupation.

    I am gutted and saddened for those brave and kind souls form Yorkley Court and I am proud to call you friend, Brother and Sister.

  2. Thank you for the update. Just to let you know I have put in a formal complaint to the police for the way they handled this situation. I have also made your reports know to BBC points west and have also complained to them about the financially biased way the incident was reported on.

  3. Whilst traveling into Gloucester last Friday I passed a number ( at least 6) emergency vehicles traveling in the opposite direction (towards the Forest) all under emergency conditions. That same evening on the news the event they ( together with a number of other emergency vehicles from afar away as Cornwall ) were attending was reported on! Certainly a case of overkill in my opinion and as is often the case ,more risk to life on route to the incident than at the incident. itself . I have been in touch with the police PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS Dept., ( lots of numbers and answering equipment) to ask for some sort of justification. Shall let you know how I get on.

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