Update Monday 14/3

It’s been crazy times. Our houses are gone, but our community is intact, living in the woods. Two of our cats and a chicken are still on the farm, but so far we have been physically prevented from rescuing them. We are battered but not broken, and figuring out our next steps.

We are extremely grateful for the support and generosity that we have received from local people, and we now have almost everything we need to survive. The only things that would currently be really useful are: fruit, dog/cat food, head torches, AAA batteries and socks.

Big love and thanks x x


3 thoughts on “Update Monday 14/3

  1. How do we get stuff to you ? Is their anyway by car ? I can help abit and will save any bedding blankets etc. Hope u get your pets soon x

    • Thank you Sharon, but I think we’re ok for stuff at the moment. People have been really kind with their donations. Because we don’t have a permanent place to be right now we don’t have much space for more than the bare necessities. We really appreciate your offer though. Most of the animals in our care have been found or at least spotted and seem healthy. Thank you for your support x

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