Statement from two descendents of the last known owner of Yorkley Court

“The complicated legal situation regarding the ownership of Yorkley Court Farm has been well documented.  The Yorkley Court Community Farm members currently living on the lower part of the land have been instrumental in finding us, the rightful owners of the property, finding other parts of our dispersed family and informing us all of the circumstances surrounding the ‘sale’  of Yorkley Court two years ago. Unfortunately despite the trustee of the estate knowing of our existence, the sale was allowed to complete and furthermore none of the rightful owners have received any proceeds from this sale.

We fully support YCCF and the amazing work they do which benefits the local community and they would have our permission to remain on site to continue their good work.”




2 thoughts on “Statement from two descendents of the last known owner of Yorkley Court

  1. It is a brilliant statement. Well done. I didn’t know the ‘trustee’ (note the very heavy irony used as I type that word) knew about the presence of the descendants as the sale was going through. I’m not surprised the news didn’t register though – they couldn’t find the descendents in 60 years but a ‘bunch of scruffies’ with a bit of initiative, a conscience and a local genealogist found them in a few weeks. I’m even more disgusted than I was before (if that’s possible). Absolutely appalling what’s been perpetrated here. May YCCF live forever!

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