On footpaths shut and attempts at communication shutdown


The public footpaths that cross the farm have been closed, with security and dogs stationed either side of the stile, intimidating residents, walkers and passers-by on the lanes. There is no notice of any temporary closure on the Gloucestershire County Council website, so which authority(ies) have granted this footpath closure?


In other news, a video showing scenes of the eviction posted on facebook has been removed “per a report that it was unauthorized”. Also, Bennett’s solicitor sent a letter to  wordpress  asking them to remove this website and disclose the names and addresses of those who administer it  (wordpress said they will not take any action for now).

What is going on down on the farm that Bennett is so afraid of people seeing?
What is he scared of being publicised online?


1 thought on “On footpaths shut and attempts at communication shutdown

  1. Oh! You fools. Not using the law and believing what your highly paid barrister tells you. His first sworn duty is to the court, a commercial company. His advice is flawed. He has not protected you by using the criminal law act 1977 sect 6. Learn and use it and stop paying him. He is corrupt.
    You are wasting your time pleading for justice and public support. Do some research into the law and fight them on their terms otherwise you are fucked.

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