Food Sovereignty: We aspire to complete self sufficiency in meeting our food needs. Through direct responsibility for our own agricultural systems or through trade and exchange locally. Any food we buy should be done so responsibly and sustainably to live and work towards upholding the 6 pillars of food sovereignty.


Water: We aim to have clean safe drinking water sourced responsibly from the land.


Woodland and forestry: Fuel and construction, provide for our needs through sustainable forestry practice.


Home: Sustainable housing, environmentally friendly structures to house people who work on the land. Sourcing all materials locally and means to construct such dwellings.Ecological construction


Renewable energy: Regenerate our own electricity and disseminate knowledge of the required technology and the capacity to maintain such technology.


Self Sufficiency: We seek the capacity to be completely independent for any externaql economic system. We want to be able to choose the economic systems we interact with. We need an alternative to the current capitalist model of organisation where the accumulation of finance is the determinaing factor of wealth.


Access to information: we seek to ensure continual opportunities to learn and develop, and therefore must find ways to gaurentee access to communication tools such as the internet, phone, libraries.


Building skills and knowledge: we encourage continuation of traditional knowledge and skills to facilitate self reliance and sustainability; to develop and share local skills and knowledge. To create the capacity to research and develop advanced engineering technology and work with outside organistions to facilitate our technological needs.


Regeneration: restore and renovate the existing buildings and infrastructure with traditional building techniques and ecological design methods; to maintain roads and paths across the land; to restore hedgerows.



Co-operation: we seek co-operative models of organisation to facilitate our individual and communal needs.


Health and well-being: To promote a holistic approach to health well-being in relation to the land. Maintaining health rather than an illness/cure atunement,

Spirituality: With tolerance, respect and acceptance of other faiths, we want to live with an openness and inclusivity to all beliefs and faiths. Develop awareness of nature to create a spiritual commonality. Peaceful and harmonious relations. Honouring seasonal Celebrations,


Trust: we want to create a model of communal ownership and responsibility founded upon the understanding of trust. The forms of governance required to ensure a just society must be based on mutual respect.


Freedom of expression: We aim to maintain an environment that is open to allow for freedom of expression. Artistic and creativity.


Intergenerational community: We aim to achieve an environment that nourishes intergenerational sharing, learning and living environments.


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