Arts & Education

Our goal is to create a community space where the people of the Forest of Dean can come together to create and learn.

In many ways art shows the state of the current enviroment through the eyes of society. Just from looking at it freshly from time to time and expressing our views we can learn so much. We would like to help each and every person to come back to their creative state and discover for themselves the picture of the world.

Education about the natural world around us is often taught to us in an academic and disconnected way. The natural world is a world of sights and smells, touch and sound. What better way to learn about it than direct experience.

Learning is different for every person. Few people learn best in a classroom environment. As such we teach each other, and learn from each other using a variety of techniques:
– Skill sharing: anyone with a skill can share it in a supportive environment.
– Workshops: pratical, hands on learning.
– Guided walks: see the forest and the land first hand through someone elses perception.
– On the job: we garden organically and biodynamically, draw and paint, sew, practice natural building, tend animals, make compost, practice crafts, sing, play instruments, cook, forage, preserve, manage woodland, practice permaculture… the list goes on. What better way to learn than coming to join in.

We plan to offer a number of courses and workshops in natural building, sustainable animal husbandry, permaculture, survival skills, organic growing, compost, arts and crafts. Watch this space for details.


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