Home Co-operative

The Yorkley Court Community farm as a co-operative company Ltd. will be managed as a subsidiary of a larger co-operative organisation known as the Home Co-operative. The Home Co-operative will provide the workforce and ingenuity to carry out the goals and objectives of the trust.

A Home Co-operative is a voluntary association of individuals with the shared intention of creating an equitable model of economic organisation to disclose a process of learning the skills and techniques required to move towards a Home founded upon the principles of economic self sufficiency and ecological regeneration.

Each member of the co-operative works towards creating the economic conditions to facilitate an educational exchange of the skills and techniques required to realise the construction of a Home that is ecologically regenerative and economically self sufficient.

Each member works in exchange for the opportunity to participate in this learning process until such time as they can demonstrate the level of proficiency required to build and sustain their own Home the co-operative will provide them with the necessary resources and support to carry out their project at which point they will be free to leave the co-op if they so desire.

The benefit of the model is that it allows for a large dedicated agricultural workforce without the constraints and possible exploitation of entering in a purely wage for labour economic relationship. The incentive is not purely financial remuneration but rather the opportunity to realize the creation of their own Home and the sustainability of that Home. The members directly participate in the direction and decisions of the co-operative taking responsibility for the long term viability of their livelihood. The members of the co-operative can work together in this way because they have this shared intention to build a Home that would embody two very practical principles and the values that inform those principles.


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