This overview of our objectives outlines the practical initiatives we will undertake to achieve our aims.

 Animal husbandry:

  • Rare breed pigs used for a diversity land managemnet techniques

  • Cows; beefstock and rare breeds such as english long horn

  • Goats

  • Chickens and Turkeys

  • Geese

  • Horses

  • Oxen


  • Yorkley Court Wood-coop,

  • Coppice woodland;Establish a bio-diverse and productive coppice/ pollarding woodland for fuel and craft wood.

  • Agro-forestry research

  • Bio-char/charcoal,


  • Yorkley CSA

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables, Salad

  • Herb and apothecary Garden,

  • Tree and plant nursery,

  • Seed bank

  • Mushroom farm,

  • Grains


  • Forest LETS scheme
  • Market garden; fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and meat

  • Preserves, other value added products

  • Fire wood

  • Craft- green wood working, willow, hazel, chestnut

  • Supporting local honey producers

Land Management

  • Bee keeping,

  • Rainwater harvesting and overall retention of water where possible

  • On site waste management

  • Community composting scheme,

  • Natural pest management,

  • Bio diverse multi-functional hedge row system

  • wild flower meadows and foggage grassland systems

Renewable Energy

  • Solar PV’s,

  • 12volt Low Energy Systems design

  • Small scale 800w to 1.4 kw wind turbines

  • Anearobic digestion

  • Bio-char producing domestic heating systems 

Craft, Construction, Machinery and engineering:

  • Co-operative equipment hire through a “Tool library”

  • Reclamation yard for recycling/upcycling

  • Larger-scale agricultural machinery may include a mini-digger, small tractors

  • Metal working and mechanics workshop

  • Carpentry and green woodworking workshop

Health and Wellbeing:

  • healing space

  • sensory gardens

  • meditation space


  • skill share events

  • gatherings

  • workshops

  • Film nights

  • Talks and discussions

  • Library

  • Home schooling network

  • Yorkley Primary school gardening club

Social spaces :

  • Adventure play-ground

  • living sculpture trail

  • rasied bed “pick you own” gardens


3 thoughts on “Objectives

  1. Do you think meat ‘production’ is contrary to your aims – as there will always be war, exploitation, oppression while some creatures have less rights/value than others. Your exploitation of animals in order to needlessly consume their flesh is an absolute expression of violence and abuse of your power over your victims. You prey on the weak and vulnerable – does this not make you hypocrites?

    • We don’t really keep animals for meat production at the moment. We have chickens for eggs, two female goats for milking, three draught horses for ploughing and two pigs that are sort of rescue animals that are basically pets now. The pigs are free range as well. We have a broad range of different people with different dietary (and political) choices living here, including some meat eaters. We also have a resident professional vegan chef.

      We very much welcome debates comprising the politicisation of food here, but personally I don’t see that scoffing humous made from chick peas grown in areas deforested for industrial agriculture then flown half way across the world, burning a ton of fossil fuels is morally superior to eating a small amount of local meat where the animals have had a good life. That’s just my personal view though, and not representative of the whole group.

      -Matt Yorkley.

      • Thanks for your reply Matt but if you think ‘scoffing humous made from chick peas grown in areas deforested for industrial agriculture then flown half way across the world, burning a ton of fossil fuels’ is the inevitable alternative to eating animals you’re confused. That said it sounds like your current set up isn’t as scary as the ‘animal husbandry’ section above led me to think, and I appreciate your openness. Good luck with your current strife.

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