How to find us

By public transport:

The nearest town is called Lydney, it has a train station and a bus station.

You can get buses to Lydney from Gloucester:

and from Chepstow:

Walking to the farm from Lydney:

The farm is about a 30 minute walk uphill from the centre of Lydney. You can walk up the road or through the woods, or hitch up the road described below.

Up the road: Find Albert Street in Lydney, it is the road at the back of the Co-op, with a Stove and Flue shop on the corner.
Walk up this road and basically stay on it walking up the hill. The road changes its name several times, to Springfield Road, Primrose Hill, Allaston Road, then Yorkley Lane. Just stay on the road going uphill (ignoring right turnings) and at some point you will pass a Fencing place, carry on and eventually you will see a big tower on the left, you have arrived!

Through the woods: If you fancy a nice walk and a bit of an adventure, go up Albert Street until you see a park and playground on the left. After the park take the first left, go past the Severn View Pub and into the woods. Take the right along the wider track it’s red boggy clay. This track eventually goes left into a sort of crossroads with a wider aggregate track with a plyon. Keep left don’t walk towards the pylon. You’ll go down and right and on your left you’ll see the damned pond below the path. Now all you have to do is follow the stream and it’ll take you all the way to the springs in the woodland at Yorkley Court Farm. Walk up the hill and you will find us.

If you are expecting to arrive late, or you will have difficulty with the walk, let us know in advance and we will try to sort you a lift up.

Hitching: Follow the driving directions below.

Driving: IMPORTANT NOTE – there is no parking space at all on site. If you have to come in a vehicle, please make sure to liftshare! It is possible to park in the layby before the school in the village in Yorkley, and walk down to the farm, either down the road (5 min walk) or by following the public footpath that starts at the second stile on Yorkley Wood Road and runs down through the farm (15 min walk).

On the A48 from the direction of Chepstow: Take the A48 to Lydney, then drive up Albert Street and follow the walking directions above. Pass the tower and continue until you see a layby on your right, park there and walk back down to the farm.

On the A48 from the direction of Gloucester: On the A48 take the right turn after Blakeney which is signposted Yorkley. Drive up the hill until you get to the village of Yorkley. You will see a pub called the Bailey Inn, take the left turning BEFORE the pub. Go past the school and you will see a long layby on your left, park there and carry on walking either down the road, or on the public footpath as above.

From Wales: get to Monmouth, then wind your way through the Forest roads to Yorkley. From there follow the parking advice above.

If you have any questions, email us at
or phone 07522 025 889


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