Yorkley Court Community Farm

The management and development of the land has been entrusted to a co-operative consortium known as the Yorkley Court Community Farm. It is their duty to act according to the principles of agroecology in any aspect of development of the land. YCCF are leasing the land from the trust and is therefore a separate body from the community farm land trust.

A consortium provides a co-operative means of facilitating the most equitable and efficient allocation of resources between its members. The members can be self-employed individuals, partnerships or limited companies the consortium therfore act as an agency to help its members work together towards a common purpose. In this case of YCCF the main object of the co-operative is:

‘to develop, research, promote, demonstrate and educate as to how agroecology and low impact development can play a valuable role toward a more economically self sufficient and ecologically sustainable home.’

This model allows for a diverse group group of self motivated individuals to collaborate in a way that is defined not by an abstract principle such as community, freedom or justice but rather by a practical understanding of what it means to be at home and process through which we can work towards creating that home. First and foremost it is a pragmatic initiative that faces the challenges of creating a more self sufficient and sustainable economy with an awareness of one’s own self responsibility for creating that change.

That is not to say we are not guided by principles and values, far from it, but we realise that these values have to be embodied by ones own economic activities and a practical responsibility toward the ecological relations on which our economy depends. These ecological relations are not merely to be described in terms of physical and biological processes but also as social and cultural interactions between communities. It with this in mind that we have agreed upon the aims and objectives of Yorkely Court Community Farm.


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