Yorkley Court Farm Landscape Restoration Project


Yorkley Court farm is a large estate along the Lydney road going into Yorkley. The three storey grade II farmhouse dominates the landscape. Traditionally pasture the last tennant farmers left 10 years ago. Since then it has fallen into a state of disrepair and intervention is now necessary to prevent any further degradation. Unfortunately there is no known owner and the solicitor that was dealing with the estate had been with holding this information form the tennants. The children of the these former tennants all still live locally and are concerned about the future of the farm. The Yorkley Court Community Farm Land Trust is in the process of claiming the land through the creation of a Community Benefit Society. This Land Trust is a pioneering model of community farm land trust based on the principles of Agroecology. These principles will outline how the land should be developed. We will raise funds through community shares to cover legal costs, restore the infrastructure, renovate the buildings and provide working capital for Yorkley Court Community Farm (a co-operative consortium of individuals, local organisations and businesses).

The building, once restored, will be a hub for various projects and a site of co-ordination for the consortium. We will create a kitchen, function rooms, and exhibition space.



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