Yorkley CSA

A Community Supported Agriculture scheme, this model involves the members (customers/share holders) and the farmer or grower to share the risk and benefits of an agricultural enterprise. The idea of this model is for the community to buy shares in a farm business to provide capital for its running, the share holders then receive dividends in the form of a share of the harvest. The farmer or grower is then supported in their work to the extent that they have a guaranteed market, they can focus on the work of the farm and receive a potential work force in the form of volunteers. As part of a farm the community can enjoy a relationship with the land and their food, which some say has been eroded by the domination of supermarkets and modern life. The potential is for this hub to become a place where communities can share time and even celebrate things like harvests and successes of the year. The farmer is now an integral part of the community, with a direct role to provide food for local people, the benefits of this relationship are numerous, the main one being resilience to future economic turbulence and a more sustainable diverse business. Things like gluts of courgette in the summer for example don’t need to be wasted due to the low price on the market, they can be absorbed by the members who could organise a group chutney making event where the excess is preserved and utilised. In the many glowing examples of CSAs all over the world and especially in the UK, over the last ten years means this style of enterprise has grown in popularity. The numerous benefits it offers to communities and farm businesses has shown it to be a competitive, cohesive and sustainable¬†endeavour.

The position of this CSA will be adjacent to Yorkley primary schoo. The school is already a hub for the community, so the members would be sought with in the school, this reduces the amount of delivery miles needed as people already visit. The shcool would also be able to use the project to teach the children about agriculture and nature conservation as a part of holistic relationship to the land.


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